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Tag Formatting Contents Description

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After the header and the optional Style Sheets definitions of a tag formatting string comes the contents description of the xtags formatting language.


The textual contents description is made up of a series of formatting tags appearing before the text to be modified, often followed by a tag which restores the attribute of the text to what it was before the occurrence of the modified text.


Below is an example of part of a tag formatting string used to display the combined dates of 24 and 31 in minicalendars (note that the characters 2 4 / 3 1 appear clearly, though separated by formatting tags):



The general syntax of the contents description part of tag formatting is:






StyleSheetThe name of the paragraph style sheet to be used until another style sheet marker is encountered. To use the normal style sheet, or revert to it, use @$: at the beginning of a new line.


TextThe text to be displayed using the specified style sheet. Note that this text can be modified with character and paragraph attributes tags that enhance/override those of the specified style sheet.


It is important to always place the specification of a new style sheet on a new line, otherwise the same paragraph will be specified as having 2 different paragraph style sheets, which cannot be the case.


It is important to remember that most of these attributes can be specified in decimal form, but must use a period as decimal separator, regardless of the workstation's Windows settings.


See also: header, style sheets definitions.


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