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Variable Holiday Abbreviations

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The abbreviations(s) of any recurring holiday can be set to change depending on the circumstances of the date calculated from the current holidays rule.


For example, we might have a holiday, such as Saint Patrick's Day which is common to 2 regions (the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland), but which has a day in lieu in one region (Northern Ireland) by not the other.


In that case we would set the abbreviations to show both countries in the general case, but when there is a day in lieu, to show only the Republic of Ireland in the base case (ie. the Sunday) and only Northern Ireland in the duplicated date (the following Monday).


Variable Holiday Abbreviations work the exact same way as variable holiday names, except that you use the token <abr> to include the default holiday abbreviation (instead of using the token <hol> to include the default holiday name).


For more details on all the available variations, see the topic on variable holiday names.


Topic 182035, last updated on 01-Jul-2022