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Text and Images Slogan Tokens use same index

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In the current GridTemplate, a text slogan tokens (such as [:slog01_xxxx]) uses the same index as an image token (such as [:slim01_xxxx]).


For cyclical and run once only slogans sets, all that counts in a slogan token is its index and slogans are used sequentially, with one token possibly robbing slogans from the other token of the same index.


Until you address this warning, all slogan tokens of the same index will be treated as the same, regardless whether they are an image slogan or a text slogan.




Correct the Token in file name: Opens the GridTemplate in QuarkXPress or InDesign to let you change token (if you mistakenly typed [:slog13_allstate] and [:slim13_allstate] instead of [:slog13_allstate] and [:slim14_allstate], for example).


Topic 172560, last updated on 13-Mar-2021