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Using Tokens on the Right Side of Conditions

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You can use tokens in the RightSide of the condition of a conditional token or a zap token.


Use underscores instead of braces for tokens used on the right side. For example, use _2d_ instead of the usual [2d].





Will be true, in a weekly, if the month of the Monday is the same as the month of the Sunday. Useful to display the starting and ending dates of a week, without repeating the month name, if it is the same.


will be true if the month of the previous day, is the same as the month for the date of the conditional token.


will be true if the current date's day is larger than the next date's day (ie. we are on the last day of the month)


See also evaluating conditions and DayValues inside the conditions of zap or conditional tokens.


Topic 108878, last updated on 17-Apr-2020