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Vertically oriented fonts cannot be used in print

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This singleton run-time message occurs when generating a diary if an instruction is encountered to set the font of a given token replacement to a vertically oriented font whose name begins with the at character (@).


In most cases these fonts are filtered-out by Q++Studio and the only place where this specific message may appear is in the holidays set properties dialog when the Use font in output file is used, as shown in the example on the right.


Fonts whose names begin with the at character (@) are the legacy vertically oriented fonts of early versions of Windows 32-bits, and these screen-only fonts should not be used for print with QuarkXPress or InDesign.


You should always use the version of the font whose name does not begin with the @ character.


See also: why do some font names begin with an at-sign?, vertical writing and printing.


Topic 187375, last updated on 17-Apr-2023