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Zaps based on multiple conditions

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You can combine zap tokens to obtain compound conditions, such as delete if X or Y and delete if X and Y.



(any of the Zap conditions is true)

To delete a text box if one condition or the other is true, simply place 2 zap tokens in the same textbox.




The above combination of tokens will delete the current textbox if the token's date corresponds to either a Saturday or a Sunday.


(all of the Zap conditions is true)

To delete a textbox if one condition and the other is true, you should use multiple Zap conditions, such as in the token:




where the above is equivalent to checking if both [33Zd>15] and [3Zd~1] produce a Zap result.


The use of multiple Zap conditions is flexible as it allows for multiple conditions, and it has the advantage that you can specify both a true and a false result, including the possibility of zapping when the condition is false, which some users find more intuitive that zapping if the zap condition is true.


See also: zap tokens, conditional tokens.


Topic 174340, last updated on 17-Apr-2020