Worldwide Public Holidays and Diary and Calendar Automation

Welcome to the website, the professional source of worldwide public holidays, and the editor of the industry-standard software for diary and calendar typesetting automation.

Are you looking for a reliable and up‑to‑date source of worldwide public holidays ?

The qppstudio worldwide public holidays database is a predictive database which covers all the public holidays of all the countries of the world for any year in the future.*

Our long-term forecasts of worldwide public holidays are then complemented by daily updates, the fruit of our unique monitoring of thousands of sources to detect last-minute changes to worldwide public holidays.

Professional licenses are available to access the full qppstudio database of worldwide public holidays for the years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and beyond.

Are you a diary or calendar publisher ?

Do you feel like Sisyphus, typesetting your entire range of diaries and calendars, year-after-year, knowing that you will need to do it all over again, the following year ?

Are you having more and more difficulties finding, and retaining, good proofreaders ?

Are typesetting errors costing you time and money ?

The Q++Studio diary and calendar typesetting automation software has been used, since 1999, by the foremost diary and calendar publishers of the world, to speed-up, automate, and improve the reliability of, the typesetting and updating of all their diaries and calendars.

After the first year setup, Q++Studio users find that updating a calendar, or even a full diary, can be done in a few hours only, with a proofreading budget that is reduced to almost nothing.

Click here to learn how Q++Studio can help you to automate, reliably and efficiently, the typesetting of your diaries and calendars, or contact us.
* to illustrate the ability to forecast all the public holidays of all the countries of the world for any year in the future, see our pages of 2025 public holidays in Bhutan, India, Nepal, and Singapore, as well as our listing of 2031 global holidays and observances.