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Begin/End Rules for Daily DiaryGridLines

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the 2 variants of daily rules

the 2 variants of daily rules

If the template selected for the current DiaryGridLine was defined as a daily template, then editing either of the begin/end rule properties brings up a calendar-like property editor, as shown on the right.


The elements of a begin/end rule for daily and weekly diary grid line are:


A reference date, displayed in the calendar control.

A year offset which is the difference between the year of the date selected in the calendar, and the year as defined in the year property. This is calculated automatically.

A set of weekday options which can be used to always start or end your diary on the same weekday relative to a given reference date.


Some remarks:


The begin/end rules are independent of one another. So, for example, you could want your diary to start at the beginning of the week that contains January 1st, but want to end your diary exactly on December 31st.

Weekly begin/end rules are very similar to the daily begin/end rules, but do not have the options that refer to a specific weekday, for obvious reasons.


Week Start


When you choose an option based on week of then the start of those weeks follows the setting of week start defined for each DiaryGridLine, in the grid options property.


However, if you choose one of the options referring to a specific week number, then the start of those weeks is always Monday as week numbers are an ISO standard.


See also: insert first page, grid extent, start for, end for.


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