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Copying Recurring Holidays between Holidays Sets

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To Copy Recurring Holidays Between Sets, use the Copy Holidays From menu item of the recurring holidays toolbar menu in the holidays manager.


A dialog appears which allows you to copy one or more holidays rules.


On the left is a TreeView containing all the holidays sets.

On the right is a list of recurring holidays contained in the holidays set selected on the left.


You can select multiple recurring holidays to copy, using the usual keyboard shortcuts or, alternatively, you can click on the Select All button to select all the displayed recurring holidays.


The Include ignored holidays option (unchecked by default) lets you also include in the list any previously ignored holidays.



Links to the Copied Holidays


The copied recurring holidays will be linked to the original holidays, but the destination holidays set will not be linked.


If you wish to also link the destination holidays set to the source holidays set, then use the Linked Sets menu item from the holidays sets popup menu.

Alternatively, if you do not wish for the copied recurring holidays to be individually linked to the source holidays, then use the Remove Ancestors batch processing menu item from the recurring holidays toolbar menu.


See also: the holidays data pump.


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