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Inserting an odd number of pages before first spread of a grid

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This message is triggered by an Insert script line if its property Insert Occurrence is set to Before Date and one of the insertion dates occurs on the first 2 pages of a grid, and the number of pages being inserted is odd (not divisible by 2).


The insertion of an odd number of pages before the very first page of a grid can sometimes cause the pagination of your script to be incorrect. Some examples of the effects you may observe:


Missing insertion before the first date.

Duplicated insertion before the first date.

Daily grids starting on the opposite side of the side specified in the GridOptions property.


If you encounter any of the above problems, then you should avoid insertions before the first date of a grid, and place these pages at the end of the Front Pages instead. If that is not possible, then you should set the value of ignore sidedness to Ignore Sides.




Change to "Insert After" (recommended): changes the value of the property Insert Occurrence to After Date. Make sure that you remember to change the insertion date to an earlier date.

Change to "Ignore Sides": changes the value of the property Ignore Sidedness to Ignore Sides. This prevents cases where the first insert does not appear because there are no pages of the right side beforehand (ie. the grid starts on page 1 or 2 of the diary).


Topic 172720, last updated on 01-Aug-2020