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void = List_LoadFromFile(sListVarName, sFullPathFilename, bCreateIfNeeded)


This macro function is used to read the contents of a list from a file on disk at sFullPathFilename.


All existing entries of the list sListVarName will be cleared and replaced by the contents of the file sFullPathFilename.


The macro code below loads the contents of a text file, processes each entry of the list, and then saves it back.

// load the list of country names override
List_LoadFromFile(sListCountryNames, sFullPathOfTextFile, true)
for nItem = 1 to List_Count(sListCountryNames) step 1
   // make some changes to some or all of the entries
   // ...
// save it back to file
List_SaveToFile(sListCountryNames, sFullPathOfTextFile)

When using lists, don't forget to always use the function List_Create to create your list at the top of the macro, and then the function List_Destroy to destroy it at the end of the macro.


See also: list macro functions.


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