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The macro associated with one of the macro tokens, has been de-activated in the macros property editor.


By de-activating this Macro, you have told Q++Studio to ignore it. This may be OK during the testing phase of a Script, but this warning should remind you to re-activate it before final diary generation.


This macro token will be ignored when generating this script. All occurrences of this token will be replaced by blanks. No run-time messages will be generated.




Modify Macros used: Opens the Token macros property editor, so you can associate another macro with the current token, or activate it.

Modify template file name: Opens the current GridTemplate in QuarkXPress or InDesign, so you can modify the tokens used.

Select another Template: Lets you choose another GridTemplate.

Open Macro in the Macros Editor: Opens the Macros editor so you can fix the error that is preventing Q++Studio from compiling the current macro.


Topic 108106, last updated on 18-May-2023