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When you need some help writing macros, make sure you use the contextual help built-into the macros editor.


Contextual help means that when you press F1 to invoke help, the appropriate help topic will be displayed, depending on the the word or element currently under your cursor.



Examples of help topics displayed depending on the word under the cursor :


var invokes variables.

begin or end invokes the instructions block.

for or endfor invokes the for keyword.

n_TokenDate invokes the help on that system variable, and IsLeapYear the help on that built-in function, etc....


Note that whenever a list of variables or functions is displayed by code completion, you can select an element of the list and press F1 to get help on any of the functions, before making your selection, as shown in the example below.



Topic 108239, last updated on 18-Apr-2020