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This scanning/inspection message occurs if one or more of the pictureboxes used by the current GridTemplate or Quark File, contains a link to an image which has been updated/modified since it was last imported into that QuarkXPress file.



It corresponds to the message "The modification date of this picture has changed since it was imported" displayed in the Usage dialog available from the Tools menu of QuarkXPress.


This scanning message is only a warning, but, if not fixed, it will be matched by a corresponding run-time message during diary generation.


Removing this message


This message is issued at the time of scanning or inspecting and therefore is not updated until the next scan/inspection, one way or the other, even if the image file is later re-imported/updated in the current GridTemplate/Quark File. The only way to update/eliminate this message is to rescan/reinspect the current GridTemplate/Quark File.