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MonthHeader Tokens: Responding to Month/Year Changes

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MonthHeader tokens are used to display month and date information that varies depending on whether a change of month or a change of year occurs on a page or across a 2 page spread.



For example, the 3 examples above are generated by the same MonthHeader token shown below right.


Some remarks about MonthHeader tokens:


There are 18 possible MonthHeaders per GridTemplate, from [MonthHeader1] to [MonthHeader18].

The tokens [MonthHeader] and [MonthHeader1] are equivalent.

The appearance and behavior of MonthHeader tokens is specified by the MonthHeader Options.

The DayValue used in the MonthHeader tokens is not important; that information is managed in the GridOptions.

Forgetting to select the proper filler delimiters, leads to a token not found message at run-time.

See also: MonthHeader Options and recursive tokens options.


Topic 172430, last updated on 19-Apr-2020