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This GridOption lets you choose for each DiaryGridLine, what delimiters to use for filler tokens.


The 3 possible choices are:


\ and /

_ and -

` and ^


The reason why there are 3 possible pairs of Filler Delimiters is that they are often used to separate the result of 2 tokens, sometimes with a front slash / and sometimes with a hyphen - (and sometimes, though it is not an issue, with a bullet •).

Other than that, another common use for Filler Delimiters and Filler Tokens is when displaying tokens that are sometimes blank, such as holidays tokens or moon phases tokens.


In the example, on the right, if you separate the 2 tokens with a space, then you have an extra space to the left of the moon phase when there is no holiday.


The solution is to use filler tokens and write [fa\/ ][mp] to have a space to the right of the holidays, only if there is a holiday.



Forgetting to select the proper delimiters, leads to a token not found message at run-time.


Topic 155100, last updated on 01-Aug-2020