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Allowed Duplicate Tokens

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Every time a GridTemplate is loaded, Q++Studio analyzes its list of tokens and issues a message if it notices that some tokens are duplicated.


Usually this message can be an indication that the tokens for DayValue 1 were copied and pasted to other DayValues, but that you forgot to change some of the DayValues for the other days. This is quite a common error, and this message helps you spot these errors by alerting you to duplicated tokens.

The number of occurrences is displayed near each token. This is useful to spot duplicated tokens that could be allowed but are still incorrect because some tokens of a series are duplicated one more time than the others. In addition, now, if you allow a given token to be duplicated 3 times, for example, you will get a message again if the token becomes duplicated one more or one less time.


The Allowed Duplicate Tokens GridOption lets you specify a list of tokens that can occur in duplicates, without triggering the message that some tokens are duplicated.


The Allowed Duplicate Tokens option has the advantage that you only get this message for potential problems, and not for valid tokens.


You can insert tokens either directly in the text field, or by bringing up the duplicated tokens manager using the ellipsis button. In either case, make sure that the only text entered is the tokens (ie. there should be nothing before the tokens, nothing after the tokens, and nothing between the tokens.


Topic 175830, last updated on 01-Aug-2020