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Moon Phases Symbol Font Unavailable

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This message warns you that the font selected for use to display moon phases symbols is not available.


The list of fonts installed and available on your computer, as seen by Q++Studio, can be viewed using the installed fonts tool.


If you are using QuarkXPress 2018, or above, or InDesign, then make sure that you have selected an output filename so that Q++Studio can tell the output format of your script, and therefore which list of fonts to use.




Select another font: Automatically opens the moon and sun options property editor so you can correct the font name that causes this message (which appears with a red squiggly line under it, as shown in the example on the right).

Update the list of installed fonts: Automatically launches the refresh fonts list tool. When using QuarkXPress 2018, or above, this will launch QuarkXPress so that it can scan your computer for all the installed fonts.