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Options are set for [MonthHeader] token but there is no such token in GridTemplate

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Some MonthHeader options have been set in the GridOptions property, but the current GridTemplate does not contain any corresponding MonthHeader token.


This will not cause any errors, but it may be a sign that you forgot to add MonthHeader tokens in your GridTemplate, or that the range of DayValues covered by the other MonthHeaders is incomplete, thus this message's classification as a warning rather than a hint.




Change [MonthHeaders] Options: opens the GridOptions property editor so that you can specify or move the settings to use to convert the MonthHeader token mentioned in this message. This is useful if, for example, you specified settings for [MonthHeader1] but your GridTemplate contains [MonthHeader2] tokens.

Clear all settings for [MonthHeader]: clears the settings used for the specific MonthHeader token referred to in the message's text. Settings for other MonthHeader tokens are left unchanged.

Modify Quark File: Opens the QuarkXPress file corresponding to the current GridTemplate so you can modify it (if you forgot to place a MonthHeader token, for example).


Topic 174395, last updated on 22-Nov-2020