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QuarkXPress installation is missing needed files

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This message occurs if some of the files needed by your current version of QuarkXPress are missing.


This problem usually occurs after a minor upgrade to QuarkXPress (for example from version 14.1 to 14.21).




The 4 needed files that may be missing are usually:


icudt48.dll and icuin48.dll and icule48.dll and icuuc48.dll for some of the intermediate updates of QuarkXPress 2018.

icudt61.dll and icuin61.dll and icule61.dll and icuuc61.dll for QuarkXPress 2023 and above.


These should be located in the folder C:\Qpp\Xpp<Q>\ where <Q> has the following values for different versions of QuarkXPress


QuarkXPress 2016 = 12

QuarkXPress 2017 = 13

QuarkXPress 2018 = 14

QuarkXPress 2019 = 15

QuarkXPress 2020 = 16

QuarkXPress 2021 = 17

QuarkXPress 2022 = 18

QuarkXPress 2023 = 19

QuarkXPress 2024 = 20




Since Build 20770 of June 9, 2019, running the main program updater will install versions of the qpp.xnt that works with both variants of the QuarkXPress installed on your computer.


Topic 182120, last updated on 09-Sep-2023