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Guides in QuarkXPress and InDesign

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QuarkXPress or InDesign guides are non-printing guidelines that you can position manually.


You can create ruler guides by dragging them off the horizontal and vertical rulers (View > Guides). You can create ruler guides on master pages and on individual layout pages.

If the Measurements palette is open when you drag a ruler guide, the guide's position is indicated in the X field (for vertical ruler guides) or the Y field (for horizontal ruler guides). Alternately, you can double-click on any guide to display the Guide Attributes dialog.


When using QuarkXPress 2016-2024 or InDesign, the guides of each GridTemplate used in a Script are re-applied to the pages generated in the output file (make sure to set the fix left facing pages margins diary generation option to true, if you are generating a facing pages diary using InDesign).


Topic 182150, last updated on 13-Mar-2024