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Recurring Holidays Changes Log

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The Holidays Changes Logs allows you to see what changes have been made to recurring holidays and holidays sets. This can be useful if you need to partially go back to a previous state of your holidays database, without restoring the entire database.


To access the holidays changes logs, use the holidays log menu item.


Log entries are added whenever you make a change in the holidays manager or during the holidays synchronization and are displayed in an advanced data grid.



Changes to a holiday name or name variation or to its recurrence rule can be seen better by placing your mouse cursor over the name or description field and waiting for a pop-up hint to appear, as shown below.



Note that, although the Holidays Changes Logs is a feature, first introduced in the XV4 version, in September 2017, the underlying logs have been generated by the preceding XE2 version, since 2012, behind the scene, meaning that you will immediately have access to log information dating back as far as 2012.


Topic 181735, last updated on 27-Mar-2023