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The related files included in the migration archive could not be extracted automatically

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This message occurs at the end of importing a script and its related data, if the QuarkXPress, InDesign and PDF files contained in the file, itself contained in the ZIP migration file, cannot be extracted.


This is not a failure of the data migration.


The script and related data was imported correctly.

But the related QuarkXPress, InDesign and PDF files could not be extracted automatically.

This is usually due to some of the related files having been located on UNC rather than Windows paths.


The file containing, these related files, was copied to the merge_of_yyyy-mm-dd file mentioned in the message, above right.


You can go to that folder, open that file, and extract the files manually.


Note that, due to the UNC path used by some of the files in, you may get the warning shown below right (this is normal).


Topic 185185, last updated on 14-Mar-2021