Importing Scripts

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Importing Scripts

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To import scripts, as well as all their related data, click on the Script menu of the Q++Studio Main Window, and then select Import Scripts.


You will be asked to close any script currently open on your workstation and to have all other users close Q++Studio on their workstation, before a dialog comes up letting you select a ZIP file which contains one or more scripts and all related data, as exported using the Exporting Scripts function.



Once you click on Import, if some of the data elements have previously been imported, then a dialog will come up asking you to decide if previously imported data elements should be ignored (ie. excluded from the imported data) or overwritten.



Note that you can decide for each type of data (ie. everytime this dialog comes up) whether to Skip or Replace, but in each case your choice applies to all the data records currently displayed in the dialog (for example, in the screenshot above, it is not possible to ignore some of the imported macros and have some others replace the existing ones in the database).


See also: Exporting Scripts.

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