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The Admin menu, accessible from the main menu, is used to access the administrative tools of Q++Studio.


Server settings

Displays the server automation settings used to control the programs that run unattended on your server, usually at night, such as database backup, database maintenance and FTP upload of backups.

Data pump

Displays a sub-menu containing links to the various data pump modules, used to export or import data in the native Q++Studio database format (as opposed to exporting to Excel, for example).

Data migration

Displays a sub-menu containing links to the exportation or importation module of the data migration tool, used used to import or export scripts from one database to another, along with all related data sets (languages, holidays, templates, macros, saras, slogans, ...).

Restore from backup

Launches the restore from backup module allows you to restore individual data elements. You can now restore that holiday you accidentally deleted, or script you modified in error

Download remote backup

Launches the download remote backup module which is used to search for and download nightly backup sets from WAN server(s). This option is only available when connecting to a remote WAN server.

Query database

Launches the database query module which allows you to perform SQL queries against all the data tables of the current database.

Data reports

Displays a sub-menu containing links to various data usage reports.


This sub-menu contains all the items of the scripts/data reports sub-menu and, additionally, it contains a further current script sub-menu which lists all the reports available detailing the data sets used by the current script.

Logged-in users

Displays a list of the logged-in users which are currently connected to the database server.

Server data cache

Displays a listing of the updated server tables, that is to say which tables have been updated on the database server, by other users, since you last retrieved a copy of that table.

Server info

Display the database server info, containing database server's statistics, such as the number of bytes and messages transferred to and from the database server by all the users.


See also: the main menu.


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