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Download Remote Backup

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The Download Remote Backup module, accessible from the admin menu, opens a special version of the find file dialog whose search field preset to search for, and download, nightly backup sets on WAN server(s), usually as a prelude to restoring data elements from backup.


This option is only available when connecting to a remote WAN server and it requires the EFS server to be setup and activated on your workstation as well as on the remote server.


The main specificity of this version of the Find File Dialog is that its download link sends the download URL to your default web browser, rather than having Q++Studio handle the download.


This frees you to keep on working with Q++Studio while your browser handles the often very large size backup sets (usually hundreds of megabytes, and in some cases over one gigabyte).


You can launch multiple downloads, one after the other, without the need to close this dialog.


See also: restore from backup.


Topic 186695, last updated on 15-Aug-2023