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To export or import data in the native Q++Studio database format use the Data Pump from the corresponding menu item of the data menu.



It can be used to:


Duplicate data from one dataset to another. For example copying holidays rules from one Holidays Set to a new one.


Import data from another user.


Export data to another user or to tech support.


Although the Data Pump is slightly different depending on the type of data, the essential elements are:


Data is copied (pumped) from a Source directory to a Target directory.


The Source and Target directories can be either the Q++ServerXV4 directory, or another.


Two data sets are selected, a source and a target. You can then specify which of the data elements of the source set, will be copied to the target set.


To get specifics for each data type, see the corresponding specific topics: holidays and one-time-dates, saints and namedays, and slogans.


Topic 170400, last updated on 18-Apr-2020