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XML Representation of Scripts

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The XML menu item of the scripts menu allows you to view or act upon the current script using its XML representation, and it expands into the following sub-menus:


View as XML

New from XML

Update from XML

Export to XML

XML Script Viewer

XML Scripts Editor


The XML representation of scripts allows you to save scripts to, and load scripts from, text-based XML files.


While script migration operates for scripts contained in separate databases, the XML representation of scripts is meant to operate on script(s) within the same database.


The possibility to save and read script using XML files has the following uses:


The ability to save 2 scripts to XML and easily compare their differences.

The ability to save 2 scripts to XML, copy some elements of one XML to the other, and then re-import it. For example, this would allow you to copy the GenTokens5 (and only the GenTokens5) options from one script to another, or even from one scriptline to another in the same script.

The XML format being text-based, and a standard, you can create script "templates", where some elements, such as the languages and holidays used, could be modified, either manually, or using another software solution, and then re-imported back.

The ability to copy almost any data elements within a script, as long as the data type is the same. For example, you could copy the box actions from a Sara to a Macro, as both Saras and Macros use the same data structure to save box actions.


The image on the right shows the XML representation of a script in the xml script viewer. In that image, the overall structure of the script is recognizable, in particular the text in red which denotes values entered by the user, such as the GenTokens1 settings.


A detailed description of all the xml identifiers can be found in the corresponding sections of this documentation's appendices.


See also: viewing the current script as xml, load a script from xml, save a script to xml, the xml script viewer, xml scripts editor.


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