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The Run Menu, accessible from the main menu, gives you access to all the functionality related to the generation of a diary output file (verifying, previewing, executing, inspecting).



This menu item forces the verification of the current script.


Normally, every time you modify a property or a script line in your script, a series of verifications automatically occurs to ensure that the minimum conditions required to generate a diary are met, and to alert you to possibly erroneous settings. There is rarely a need to call this function.


Displays a preview of the current script.


This preview displays the current script's pages layout (global information about the script; signatures, pages sequence, undefined pages, ...), dates of page (the dates contained on each page), and the

tokens on page (a listing of all the tokens contained in the selected page and their converted values).

Generate Line

Launches single-line diary generation, the same as diary generation, but only for the currently-selected script line.

Generate Diary

Launches diary generation for the entire current script.


See also: the main menu and the debug menu.


Topic 184075, last updated on 13-Oct-2020