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This system variable provides the text of the minicalendar token inside of which the current macro token is (the braces [] are not included in this system variable).


To determine if the current token is inside a minicalendar, use the b_InsideMinical system variable.

The value of the minicalendar marker token will not include a LanguageTag, since it is irrelevant for the marker token.


This is important because the date of all tokens inside a minicalendar token is moved to the beginning of the minicalendar's month, but sometimes we may wish to apply formatting to some tokens inside the minicalendar based on the minicalendar marker token.


For example, the macro is used to make the month in the header of a minicalendar bold if the minicalendar corresponds to the current month.




Using the n_ParentMinicalDate and s_ParentMinicalToken we can see what the original date of the minical marker token was, and the month represented by the minicalendar.

// get the month of the current minical
nMinicalMonth = StrToInt(StrCopy(s_ParentMinicalToken, 52)) // get the XX 
// do something if that is the same month as the month of the token
bRESULT = (MonthOf(n_ParentMinicalDate) == nMinicalMonth)  
// send the root of the token for normal processing
sRESULT = '[' + IntToStr(n_TokenDayValue) + s_TokenRoot + ']' 

See also: b_InsideMinical, n_ParentMinicalDate.


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