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Saras as a Stand-Alone Tool

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Saras used as a stand-alone tool, accessible from the Data -> SaraSets menu item, or corresponding toolbar button, as shown in the illustration on the right.


Stand-alone Saras are similar in many respects to saras applied to a diary output file.


The main difference is that these SaraSets are not linked to any script. They are based on an input file and an output file (which are both the same if you leave the output file blank).

You simply select a QuarkXPress or an InDesign file and apply a set of Saras to it, for a given range of pages, as shown in the example below.


The formatting that describes the page sequence to apply the Sara to, is as described in the topic on page selection.


This can be useful:


To apply Saras to an already generated script output file.

To apply Saras to GridTemplates (why not) when a massive change is necessary (such as changing the default font, etc...).


The main advantage of stand-alone Saras is that they do not require you to run a script and can be applied to any valid QuarkXPress or InDesign file, even files that were not generated by Q++Studio.


See also: saras as properties of diarygridlines and saras applied to a diary output File.


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