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The Saras Manager

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You can access the Saras Manager from the use the data menu or the button which appears when you select a sara in the properties inspector or, once in the saras editor, using the ellipsis button at the top left near the currently-displayed SaraSet name.


from the property inspector

from the property inspector


from the saras editor

from the saras editor


The SaraSets Manager displays the list of available SaraSets on the left and the Saras contained in the currently-selected SaraSet on the right.



Script which use a SaraSet


Right-clicking on any of the SaraSets brings-up a popup menu, as shown on the right, that lets you see the list of scripts which use the selected SaraSet.


Editing Buttons


Below the list of SaraSets are buttons which can be used to add, duplicate, delete, or rename, the currently-selected SaraSet.


Dialog Buttons


At the bottom of the dialog, depending on the context (standalone, scriptline sara or global sara), a varying set of dialog buttons is displayed, usually to either select or open the currently-selected SaraSet.


See also: the saras editor and the saras property.


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