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Spurious Q Drive on the Q++ Server PC

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This message occurs if there is a mapped drive Q:\ on the computer used as server.


That mapped drive on the server should be deleted/disconnected as it will prevent the proper backup and maintenance of the database at night.




1.Go to the computer used as server (not a workstation).

2.In the Windows File Explorer select the This PC page.

3.On the right, in the Devices and Drives section, right-click on the Q:\ drive and select Disconnect.

4.Start the application server, as described here.

5.If a message appears, stating that "Another instance of the Q++ Application Server is already running", then click OK, and then wait for about 30 seconds for the server application to notice that the Q:\ drive no longer exists.

6.Re-start Q++Studio.


If the above does not work


Following the above steps should get rid of the present message.


If it does not, then, as a last resort:


1.Sitting at your workstation (not the server), go and manually delete the file SpuriousQDrive.flg located in the folder Q:\Q++ServerXV4\.

2.Go to the computer used as server (not a workstation) and start the application server, as described here.


If neither solution works, please contact technical support.