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Template Uses Unavailable Font

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This scanning/inspection message occurs if the underlying QuarkXPress or InDesign file of the current GridTemplate or Quark File or InDesign File, uses a font that is not installed on your computer.


Use the installed fonts tool to view the full list of available fonts on your computer.


It corresponds to the message sequence "File uses fonts not installed in your system" displayed at start-up, and the message "Missing Fonts for" displayed in the Usage dialog available from the Tools menu of QuarkXPress, as shown on the right.


Message Appearing Falsely


There may be cases where this message is issued, but the missing font it refers to is not listed as being used by QuarkXPress or InDesign, in the bottom dialog on the right.


Usually this status comes from style sheets that are defined, but not used in the current QuarkXPress or InDesign document, but which nonetheless refer to that font. We always recommend deleting any and all style sheets that are not used in a QuarkXPress or InDesign document.


You can see all the fonts used by all the QuarkXPress or InDesign files of all your scripts, using the font usage dialog accessible either from the data menu of the main window, or by right-clicking on one or more scripts in the Scripts Explorer.


Removing this message


The only way to update/eliminate this message is to rescan/reinspect the current QuarkXPress or InDesign file (after fixing the missing font, of course).


The reason is that this message is issued at the time of scanning or inspecting and is not updated until the next scan/inspection, even if the missing font is later installed on the present computer.




Topic 182810, last updated on 28-Apr-2022