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This message occurs if Q++Studio does not recognize your workstation as one of the workstations licensed to run Q++Studio (this can happen if you re-install Windows or re-format your main hard drive).


To resolve this problem, please follow the steps below:


1.Close Q++Studio on the workstation on which this message appears.

2.Make sure that the workstation clock is set to the correct date and time.

3.Sitting at the workstation, open the folder Q++ServerXV4 located on the Q:\ drive and double-click on the program Q++UsersXV4.exe.

4.Wait for 20 seconds and then email the file Q++UsersXV4.ini, located in the same folder, to technical support.

5.Technical support will send back the file

6.Open that ZIP file and extract the 3 files inside to the folder Q++ServerXV4 (if asked if you want to overwrite the existing files, answer Yes).


In the future please be careful not to make changes to the hardware or OS of the workstations, or to the clock time/date, as that will break the license.


Topic 176160, last updated on 15-Jun-2022