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Trying to resize textbox not at a right angle !

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This DTP processing message occurs when a macro includes a call to one of the textbox resizing functions, on a textbox whose angle is not a multiple of 90 degrees (0­°, 90°, 180°, or 270°).


Because of the way that rotation of textboxes are performed internally by QuarkXPress and InDesign, resizing a textbox means rotating the box back to 0 degrees, resizing it, and then rotating it back to its original value.


However this re-rotation is performed by rotating about the center of the box, which has changed position since the box has changed size. This implies a complex coordinates transformation on the part of Q++Studio to ensure that the resulting box appears where and how one intuitively expects it to. However such a calculation only has meaning if the box is at multiples of a right angle (90 degrees, hence the message).


Topic 181640, last updated on 25-Nov-2020