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Días feriados en Francia

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Esta lista de días feriados y días festivos y días de descanso obligatorio en 2014 para Francia, fue generada por Q++ Studio,  el software, utilizado por las más conocidas empresas editoras de agendas y calendarios del mundo. Si Usted tiene cualquier pregunta o comentario respecto a la información publicada en este sitio Web, por favor contáctanos.

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May ⇒ Dec. 2014

Holiday Name Observance*
Jue Labour Day
Jue Victory Day (Armistice 1945)
Jue Ascension Day
Lun Whit Monday
Lun Quatorze Juillet (National Day)
Vie Assumption Day
Sáb All Saints' Day
Mar Armistice Day
Jue Christmas Day
* Vie Saint Stephen's Day (Alsace-Moselle) Regional

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Prensa y Actualizaciones

Estas noticias recientes sobre los días feriados en Francia, son in Ingles. Si tiene cualquiera pregunta sobre estos comentarios, por favor contáctanos.  22 Feb 2013 (Le Figaro-Paris) France's Constitutional Court (le Conseil Constitutionnel) has rejected an attempt by the ruling Socialist Party to abrogate the "Concordat" which affords 2 additional non-working public holidays to 3 of France's administrative departments (Alsace and Moselle).  29 Jun 2012 (L'usine nouvelle-Paris) France's association of Human Resources Managers (ANDRH) has proposed the cancellation of 3 of France's annual Christian public holidays in an effort to promote diversity in the workplace.  20 Feb 2012 (Le Figaro-Paris) France's National Assembly have overwhelmingly voted to approve a law which would amend the November 11 annual Armistice non-working public holiday into a public holiday commemorating France's dead in all past conflicts.  12 Jan 2012 (TF1 News-Paris) French EELV presidential candidate, Eva Joly, has promised to declare Yom Kippur and the Feast of Sacrifice as non-working public holidays in France if she is elected President of France on May 6, 2012.  05 Apr 2011 (Le Figaro-Paris) The French government is reportedly considering the conversion of another public holiday into a working public holiday to finance long-term dependency of the elderly population.  10 Nov 2008 (AFP-Paris) It has been reported that, following the lead of Luxembourg's Prime Minister, France's European Affairs secrétaire d'Etat, Jean-Pierre Jouyet, is about to propose that the May 8 public holiday commemorating the end of World War II be replaced by May 9, the Day of Europe.  12 May 2008 (AFP + Le Figaro) France's Prime Minister, François Fillon, recently indicated that Parliament would consider making May 9th an annual public holiday in France (most likely replacing the current May 8th public holiday).  24 Mar 2008 (EJP-European Jewish Press) The Jewish festival of Shavuot has been added to the Journal Officiel (the government's gazette). This does not mean that Shavuot festival will become a general public holiday in France, but as the festival falls in May or June annually (at the time of school final exams) Jewish students will now be allowed to take exams at different dates.  29 Jan 2008 (Agence France Presse + La Tribune) Labour Minister, Xavier Bertrand, confirmed that Whit Monday would be restored as a fully national public holiday in France, starting this year, in 2008.  19 Dec 2007 (Le Monde) In a report he submitted late last week, Eric Besson, the Minister in Charge of the Evaluation of Public Policies, proposed that the Whitmonday public holiday be re-instated in France, and that each business be allowed to choose the public holiday it wishes to work on.  More News Updates For the full version of the summarized news items above, and older news items not displayed above, go to the Francia public holidays news and updates page, or worldwide public holidays news and updates page, or subscribe to one of our free email newsletters.

Informaciones Adicionales

Estos comentarios, sobre los días feriados en Francia, son in Ingles. Si tiene cualquiera pregunta sobre estos comentarios, por favor contáctanos.  Governing Law: Official public holidays in France are regulated by Article L222-1 du Code du travail (Labour Code).  Weekend Public Holidays: Public holidays that occur on a weekend remain on that date (ie. they are not moved to another date, such as the following Monday, for example).  Regional Public Holidays: Public holidays are uniform across the national territory of France, with the exception of Alsace-Moselle, which was granted 2 extra public holidays, in 1892, when it was part of Germany. These 2 extra public holidays were retained when the region was given back to France at the end of World War One. Note that Alsace-Moselle includes the city of Strasbourg, the seat of the European Parliament.  Sunday Opening Hours: In France, a law dating from 1906 allows textile and fresh food stores to ask the local governments for permission to open on 5 Sundays during the year. Usually these requests are made when a major holiday, such as Christmas or New Year falls on a Monday, and hence the corresponding eve falls on a Sunday. Note however, that permissions, even within the 5 Sundays a year limit, are not automatic, and in fact some municipalities systematically refuse to grant such derogations to preserve the family life of employees of large supermarkets.  Whit Monday was no longer recognized as one of the public holidays as of 2005, to help fund health care for elderly persons following the high number of elderly deaths during the heat wave of the summer of 2003. However, it returned to the list of French public holidays starting in 2008.  May 8 was established as a public holiday in 1951, then cancelled in 1961 as a gesture of reconcilliation, and reestablished in 1981 by then President Mitterand under pressure from the communist party with whom he was in a coalition government.  National Holiday is based on the Fête de la Fédération, of 14 July (1790). Although it is often incorrectly referred to as Bastille Day, the celebration actually commemorates the holiday held on the first anniversary of the storming of the Bastille (on 14 July 1789) and the establishment of a constitutional monarchy; other names for the holiday are Fête Nationale (National Holiday) and quatorze juillet (14th of July ).  Finally, although not a public holiday, no page on France would be complete without mentioning the 3rd Thursday of November as the date when the Beaujolais Nouveau is launched every year .


Acatamiento: Las notas que se incluyen en la columna Observance indican que, en Francia, el día feriado podría ser regional, no oficial, estar limitado a determinadas religiones o grupos lingüísticos o no comenzar a la medianoche.


Hemos hecho cada esfuerzo de presentar una lista exacta de los días feriados para 2014 en Francia. Pero no podemos aceptar ninguna responsabilidad de ningún error u omisión en los datos presentados arriba. Usted debería leer todos los comentarios y notas arriba. Además, en muchas partes del mundo, los días feriados están conforme a cambios arbitrarios. Estos cambios de última hora por autoridades locales no pueden ser predichos. Entonces, le recomendamos verificar las fechas antedichas con la embajada o el consulado de Francia, antes de planear cualquier viaje hasta Francia.

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