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Japan Diet Debates Monday Public Holidays

Source: The Asahi Simbun (Tokyo)
Posted on Sunday, April 26, 1998

The Japanese Diet (Parliament) is debating a draft bill that would move 4 of Japan's public holidays so that they always occur on a Monday, thus creating 3-day weekends and boost consumer spending.

The original proposition, initiated by the opposition, and dubbed the "happy Monday system", would affect the date of observance of 4 public holidays: Coming of Age Day (January 15), Marine Day (July 20), Respect for the Aged Day (September 15), and Health-Sports Day (October 10).

These 4 public holidays would henceforth be observed, respectively on the 2nd Monday of January, 3rd Monday of July, 3rd Monday of September, and 2nd Monday of October.

Note that Marine Day is Japan's newest public holiday, having been enacted in 1995, and observed for the first time on July 20, 1996.

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