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Taiwan To Maintain 228 Public Holiday ... For The Moment

Source: The Taipei Times
Posted: Saturday, February 24, 2001
Most recent follow-up news item: February 18, 2009

Legislative Yuan President Wang Jin-Pyng announced yesterday that the 228 Memorial Day will remain a public holiday this year.

February 28 was made a public holiday in 1997, effective since 1998 (1997-02-24) and was included in last summer's official listing of 2001 public holidays in Taiwan (2000-09-18).

Last October, the Legislative Yuan attempted to turn the February 28 from its current status as an annual public holiday into a regular work day. The proposal had been made to help make up for work days lost under the new five-day workweek policy (2000-06-20).

The public holidays that the government planned to cancel were: 228 (February 28), Sun Yat-Sen's birthday (November 12) and Constitution Day (December 25).

While the November 12 and December 25 public holidays could be canceled by an administrative order, the 228 public holiday status was established as part of a law providing compensation for victims of the incident (1997-02-24).

Therefore, to cancel the 228 public holiday, this law must be revised by the legislature. By the time the legislature got around to considering the proposal to cancel the 228 public holiday, it was too late to do anything about it for this year.

The list of public holidays canceled to make way for the 2-day weekends has now been augmented by the cancellation of the Women and Children's Day annual public holiday on April 4. That public holiday, itself, comes from a combination of the March 8, Women's Day, and April 4, Children's Day, public holidays into a single public holiday in 1993. The Women's Day and the Children's Day public holidays had been approved as new official holidays by the Legislative Yuan in May of 1990. Prior to 1990, only women were allowed to take the day off on March 8, and only elementary school students were allowed a holiday on April 4.

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