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Nepal Could Add Non-Hindu National Public Holidays

Source: Nepal News + The Himalayan Times
Posted: Friday, December 28, 2007
Most recent follow-up news item: March 25, 2017

Home Minister, Krishna Sitaula, has announced that festivals of indigenous nationalities and of various religious minorities would be made into full national public holidays (currently the festivals of most ethnic and religious minorities only give these minorities the right to a day off, provided that they are civil servants).

Holidays reportedly under consideration are: Lhosar, Chhath, Eid Bakr-Eid, Christmas, Maghi, and Ubhauli Udhyauli, as well as some regional holidays.

The first change will be on December 30, when a public holiday has been declared for the Gurung festival of Lhosar.

Other changes, if any, would apply beginning in the year B.S. 2065 which would mean an official announcement in late February or early March 2008.

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