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Peru Declares 6 Public Holidays For Upcoming ALC-UE And APEC Summits
(Posted on Thursday, February 7, 2008)

Source: Reuters

The government of Peru, through the Decretos Supremos 008, and 009-2008-PCM, has declared May 15-17 and November 20-22 as public holidays in the capital, Lima, and the Province of Callao (where the Lima International Airport, and Peru's main harbor are), on account of the EU/Latin America/Caribbean and APEC summits, respectively.

This announcement, coming just after the announcement of the exact dates for the 2008 APEC summit (03-Feb-2008), had been expected since last year (10-Sep-2007 and 30-Jun-2007).

A similar holiday was declared last year in the greater Sydney area on the occasion of the 2007 APEC meeting in Australia (12-Sep-2006).

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