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Armenia Declares January 1 to 10 Public Holidays

Source: Armenian News Agency (ARMENPRESS)
Posted: Saturday, December 5, 2009
Most recent follow-up news item: November 10, 2021

Armenian Culture Minister, Hasmik Poghosyan, has announced that the government of Armenia had decided to amend the "Law on Armenian Holidays and Memory Days", adding 7 non-working public holidays, around the time of Christmas.

As a result, Armenia will be on public holidays from Friday, January 1, until Sunday, January 10, 2010, inclusively (Christmas, in Armenia, is celebrated on January 6th, as per the Armenian calendar).

In a separate announcement, Armenian Prime Minister, Tigran Sargsyan, said that the extension of the January public holiday, begun last year (2008-12-11), would soon be legislated as an annual event.

However, 2 points remain unclear from the official announcements, made just before the weekend.

First, what will happen to the annual, December 31 public holiday ? Will the upcoming Thursday, December 31, 2009, be a regular working day ?

And, second, are any compensatory working weekend days planned, as was the case when such beginning of the year non-working public holidays were declared (2008-12-11, 2008-06-26, and 2007-11-23) ?

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