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Bermuda Moves Heroes' Day Public Holiday To June

Source: The Royal Gazette (Hamilton)
Posted on Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bermuda's Culture and Social Rehabilitation Minister, Dale Butler, told the Parliament that the government of Bermuda had decided to move the recently created Heroes' Day public holiday from October to June, effective in 2009 (next month).

The Heroes' Day public holiday was established in 2007 as a replacement for Bermuda Day (2007-09-19). However, faced with public furor at the change, the government backed-down and decided to create a specific October date for the new Heroes' Day public holiday, starting in 2008, while cancelling the June Queen's birthday public holiday (2008-04-10).

Public resentment was, again, immediate, but the government tried to stand firm, and released its official list of 2009 public holidays, with the changes maintained (2009-03-22). But, in the end, it seems that the government once again caved-in, though the June public holiday will retain the decidedly unloved name of Heroes' Day, while occurring on the exact date that the Queen's Birthday public holiday would have.

The Government of Bermuda will have to re-amend the Public Holidays Act 1947 to make the switch official.

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