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Bolivia Could Soon Replace Religious Public Holidays
(Posted on Wednesday, April 8, 2009)

Source: La Patria (Oruro)

The Head of the Department of Labour for the Department of Oruro (where President Evo Morales was born), Juan Carlos Rodríguez, has announced that the implementation of the recently approved new constitution (CPE) would probably mean that all the religious public holidays of Bolivia would be replaced by non-religious ones, over the next year or so, but that for 2009, they are likely to remain as previously announced.

Currently Bolivia's religious public holidays are Good Friday, Corpus Christi, and All Souls' Day. A proposal to remove the Corpus Christi and All Souls' Day public holidays was already made a few years ago (26-Jul-2006), while the last 3 decades have seen many changes and counter-changes relating to the All Saints' (November 1) and the All Souls' (November 2) public holidays; Decreto Supremo 21060 (August 29, 1985), Decreto Supremo 22352 (October 27, 1989), and Decreto Supremo 27185 (September 22, 2003).

One of the most likely candidates as non-religious replacement public holiday is the Indigenous People's New Year (Año Nuevo Indígena), also know as Inti Raymi. In fact a bill was presented in 2007 that would have exchanged the Corpus Christi public holiday for a newly created Indigenous People's New Year public holiday (06-Jun-2007 and 04-Jun-2007).

Whether Carnival would be counted as a religious public holiday remains to be seen; its date is based on the date of Easter, but that is as far as the religious connotation goes.

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