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Singapore Gazettes Upcoming APEC 2009 Leaders Week

Source: APEC Singapore 2009 Website (Singapore)
Posted: Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, has announced that the upcoming, November 8-15, APEC 2009 Leaders Week Meeting, has been gazetted as a "Special Event" under the amended Public Order Act introduced earlier this year.

As per the recent Gazette entry, the areas around Marina Bay and Istana have been declared as ‘Special Event Areas' under the Public Order Act, and as such, between November 8-15, security checks on persons and belongings may be conducted by police officers within the Special Event Areas, and members of the public are prohibited from bringing a specific list of items into the Special Event Areas unless authorized by police.

However, contrary to what was done in past years in Thailand (2003-10-07), Chile (2004-10-28), Australia (2006-09-12) and Peru (2008-02-07), no special APEC public holiday is being contemplated in Singapore.

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