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Tasmanian ANZAC Day In Lieu Public Holiday Update

Source: Workplace Standards Tasmania (Hobart)
Posted: Friday, June 5, 2009
Most recent follow-up news item: October 18, 2009

The Workplace Standards of Australia's state of Tasmania has released a document detailing the implementation of the day in lieu public holidays to be given under pending legislation, when ANZAC Day falls on a Sunday.

This document fleshes-out the rather terse announcement, last April, by the government of the Australian State of Tasmania that it would introduce legislation creating a Monday day in lieu public holiday when ANZAC Day (April 25) falls on a Sunday, or a Tuesday when the day coincides with Easter Monday (2009-04-18).

This represents the state-level implementation of last January's agreement by the Council for the Australian Federation (CAF) to harmonize the treatment of the ANZAC Day public holiday, across all Australian states and territories, when ANZAC Day falls on a Sunday (2009-01-15).

Currently, the Australian states of Tasmania and Victoria do not give any day in lieu when the ANZAC public holiday falls on a Sunday. Under the terms of the CAF agreement, and of the pending Tasmanian legislation, effective in 2010, when ANZAC Day falls on a Sunday, all Australian states and territories would observe a day in lieu public holiday on the following working day.

The Tasmanian bill, however, as we reported last year (2008-10-03), is fiercely opposed by the Tasmanian business community.

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