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Uganda Extends Officials' Burial Public Holidays Law

Source: The Daily Monitor (Kampala)
Posted: Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Uganda's Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Service, Henry Kajura, has introduced legislation that would extend the automatic declaration of a one-off public holiday to cover the eventuality of the Speaker of Parliament dying in office.

Recall that, a year ago (2009-03-06), Uganda's Parliament voted the The Emoluments and benefits of the President, Vice President and Prime Minister Bill, 2009, which stipulated that a public holiday should be declared on the day of burial of a President who dies while in office.

These 2 bills codify a long-standing tradition in Uganda of declaring public holidays on the date of the funeral of various public officials (see, for example, 2008-12-21, 2008-09-02, 2005-10-22, and 2005-08-05).

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