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Italy Restores 3 Public Holidays

Source: Senato della Repubblica (Roma)
Posted: Monday, September 5, 2011
Most recent follow-up news item: July 21, 2012

The Italian Government has announced that it would accept the recent amendment by the Italian Senate to the recent "Decreto-Legge 13 agosto 2011, n. 138" and abandon its plan to move non-religious public holidays to the next Sunday.

As per the "Decreto-Legge 13 agosto 2011, n. 138 (Ulteriori misure urgenti per la stabilizzazione finanziaria e per lo sviluppo)", announced at the beginning of the month (2011-08-13) and published the week after (2011-08-17), beginning in 2012, some non-religious fixed date public holidays would be moved.

Although the actual text of the decree did mention a move to either the Friday before or the Monday after, the Sunday that follows the date of a fixed public holiday for the given calendar year, there had also been widespread reports that the public holidays would be moved to the nearest Sunday. In all fairness, the text of the "Decreto-Legge 13 agosto 2011, n. 138" was quite confused and open to interpretation.

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