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Nepal Extends Gyalpo Loshar Public Holiday Again

Source: The Himalayan Times (Kathmandu)
Posted: Friday, March 4, 2011
Most recent follow-up news item: January 12, 2018

The Nepalese ruling Rastriya Janshakti Party (RJP), in its weekly meeting of earlier today, decided to once again declare the upcoming Gyalpo Loshar Sherpa New Year as a full nationwide public holiday.

The upcoming 2,138th Gyalpo Loshar festival marking the Sherpa New Year, will be celebrated on Saturday, March 5, 2011.

The Gyalpo Loshar Sherpa New Year was added as a government and regional public holiday in 2008 as part of a major re-shuffling of Nepalese public holidays (2008-03-07), which saw the installation of Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Christmas, the Birthday of Guru Nanak, Ubhauli Udhyauli, Goura, both Lhosars (Tamu and Sonam), Siruwa and Maghi, as official Nepalese public holidays.

In the past 2 years (2009-02-24 and 2010-02-13), the Gyalpo Loshar Sherpa New Year public holiday was extended in scope to be a full nationwide public holiday in Nepal.

Note that, after a brief interval in 2000-2001 when a 2-day weekend was tried (2001-01-13), Nepal observes a 1-day weekend on Saturdays, meaning that March 5, 2011, would have been a regular working day in any case.

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