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Venezuelan Bank Holidays Canceled

Source: Ministerio de Estado para la Banca Pública (República Bolivariana de Venezuela)
Posted on Thursday, June 2, 2011

The vice-president for branches and business development of Venezuela's state bank Banco Bicentenario, Yadira Romero, has announced that Banco Bicentenario would henceforth open on the date of Venezuela's traditional bank holidays.

The aforementioned announcement was justified by vice-president Romero owing to the first necessity public service nature of Banco Bicentenario ("Dado que somos un servicio público de primera necesidad y por instrucciones del presidente Dario Baute quedan eliminados los días feriados bancarios").

Traditionally (2010-12-05) Venezuelan banks get over a half-dozen additional bank holidays, mainly on the Monday following most of the traditional Latin American Catholic holidays (of which the public and private sector public holidays are devoid, except for Carnival and Christmas).

The Banco Bicentenario was created in 2009 by the fusion of the state-owned, Banco de Fomento Regional Los Andes and the nationalized Bolívar Banco, Central Banco Universal, Banco Confederado, and BaNorte, and its agencies number over 500 nationwide.

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